Task 5: Modeling Scenarios

What are the potential economic, environmental and societal consequences of climate policies for Ohio?

Building on information gathered from Tasks 1, 2 and 4, a team from The Ohio State University and Millennium Institute developed a “dynamic energy-economic policy (DEEPS) simulation tool” that can analyze the impacts of proposed carbon and energy policies and GHG emission reduction scenarios. This tool builds upon the T21-Ohio model developed by OSU with funding from the U.S. EPA, which utilizes an approach called system dynamics to provide a comprehensive accounting of economic, environmental and social impacts.

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Chapter 9: Development of a Two-Tiered Economic Analysis Based Upon Energy-Economic Policy Modeling & Technical Report

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Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Where are Ohio’s major sources of greenhouse gas emissions?
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Federal Policy Review

How could federal carbon policies affect Ohio?
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State Policy Options

Which carbon strategies could Ohio pursue?
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Modeling Scenarios

What are the economic consequences of carbon policies on Ohio?
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