About the Project

An Energy Intensive Economy

As the sixth highest energy-consuming state in the nation, Ohio depends heavily on energy to fuel its economy. As a result, Ohio is ranked third for carbon dioxide emissions, and faces an increasing risk of noncompliance with federal air quality standards. Consequently, this impacts the state’s ability to site new industrial facilities and grow its economy. Debate surrounding federal-level greenhouse gas emissions legislation and regulation will continue into the near future.

Questions facing Ohio communities, businesses and policymakers include:

  • What federal actions may be undertaken in the near future?
  • What impact will these policies and regulations have on Ohio’s economy?
  • What state actions can be pursued now to minimize these impacts?
  • How can the state promote the continued vitality of Ohio’s economy?

Key Project Tasks

This project helps to explore these questions, providing the state with an understanding of policy options that address the risks and opportunities of climate change and energy policies. Learn more about each of the project’s primary work tasks below:

Task 1: GHG Inventory Learn More

Task 2: Federal Policy Review Learn More

Task 3: Policy Briefing to State Agencies Learn More

Task 4: State Policy Options Learn More

Task 5: Modeling Scenarios Learn More


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Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Where are Ohio’s major sources of greenhouse gas emissions?
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Federal Policy Review

How could federal carbon policies affect Ohio?
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State Policy Options

Which carbon strategies could Ohio pursue?
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Modeling Scenarios

What are the economic consequences of carbon policies on Ohio?
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